I have a confession: I am a blogaholic.

I began blogging in 2006 when I moved to Mexico for a semester abroad. The intentions were twofold: it served as a natural extension for my writing and creativity, while also serving as a helpful tool for assuring my family members I was still alive.

That blog was written under the nickname Mexishan. Then, when I went to Guatemala to live in 2009, I started a new blog: this time, with the name MayaShan. (See the trend?)

And then, in 2012, when I moved to South America?

You guessed it–SOUTHAMERISHAN.

While my wittiness apparently knows no bounds, a new identity has cropped up in recent times, that of the Astromaid.

I began the Chronicles in 2013 with the intention of giving myself another outlet. I felt that my South AmeriShan blog was too restrictive, too related to travel, and I had all sorts of things that I needed to say that didn’t fall under the categories of Slow Travel, Argentina/Chile, Backpacking and so forth.

I felt I needed another forum to state my words in their raw and unadulterated form. A place where I could talk about that traumatizing facial I got in Nashville, or the weird things that happen when you fall in love. Hence, the Astromaid came slithering and writhing into existence.

Since the Chronicles came around, I also started a briefly-lived blog, The Gaucho and the Gringa, dedicated to international relationships. That blog is put on hold for the time being, since I literally cannot decipher why I thought it was a good idea to have multiple active blogs.

So now, in March of 2015, I have decided to officially consolidate South Amerishan and the Chronicles into one. This is also a metaphorical consolidation of identities, I suppose — a way for me to unite parts of my life that I previously thought were disparate, or perhaps felt that they should be disparate. I am the Astromaid as much as I am the traveling South AmeriShan — and now, for heaven’s sake, for my sake, for my family’s sake, I am going to put all of my damn writing in one spot.

Here we have it — The Astromaid Chronicles, now featuring all of the writing of the Former (and well, Still-Current, I guess) SouthAmeriShan.

Expect to see all of my travel-related writing here, as well as the occasional non-travel-related posts about whatevertheheckIwannatalkabout.

I hope you’ll all continue to float alongside me in outer space.