I’m Shannon.


My earliest goals in life were threefold: be a mermaid, be an astronaut, and be a writer.

This blog is a fusion of these early dreams — the most practical fusion I could come up with, at least.

In 2012, I began a blog called “Taking The Leap”, AKA SouthAmeriShan, originally hosted on blogspot (and then briefly hosted at wordpress). This blog was all about my Slow Travel adventures through South America. In 2013, I created The Astromaid Chronicles, as an alternative outlet for my non-travel thoughts and rants.

And then, in 2015, I said “What the hell do I have two separate blogs for?” and combined the two into one glorious, finned astronaut.

This blog is mostly travel-oriented — my experiences abroad, thoughts and musings about culture, crazy stories from the road, etc. But it also has a healthy dose of distinctly non-travel topics: articles about forging through your 20’s, coming to terms with womanhood, falling in love, and more.

I welcome feedback, ideas, commentary, wit, and sarcasm. Also if you’re in my area, we can meet up and hug for a little bit. I’d like that.