Typical Midwesterner twenty-something, S. Bradford, states Friday that she still hasn’t made any money off her moderately successful blog, Taking the Leap.

“I started it thinking it would be just a fun personal venture, which it has been. But I guess I was secretly hoping it would go viral or something.”

Friends and family frequently read her blog, she admits, though it just hasn’t been spreading like wildfire throughout the internet community. When reminded of the fact that seemingly millions of Americans maintain blogs and that a high percentage of them are travel blogs, and almost all of these bloggers warn of making little to zero income, she shrugged resignedly.

“I guess I thought I’d stand out. I write fresh, interesting articles. I have a grasp on syntax. I moved to South America, for god’s sake.” She added, “Do I need to add youtube videos of fish clapping and babies making adult faces or something?”

When questioned, friends and family voiced nothing but strong support for Bradford’s blog. “She has interesting content,” stated her Aunt Belinda. “I love to read it, whenever I have a chance to figure out all that security software and spend an hour waiting for the dial-up.”

Bradford insinuated that she had bigger and better projects coming, but that she still has hopes for Taking the Leap to hit it big.

“If I can make twenty bucks off it, that’d be great,” she said. “At least then I could say I was being compensated for my wallet-draining and life-expanding passion.”