Local blogger and writer Shannon Bradford stated Thursday that she is totally fine with the three likes her recent blog content provoked.

“Hey, man,” she stated, distracted in front of her laptop in the local coffee shop, “That’s three more people than zero, so.”

She claimed to be working on something that was sure to “garner five likes, at least.”

Tight lipped about this project, she gave a moody shrug and sipped at the coffee beverage.

“I’m not saying everyone is going to like it, but I know it will generate a solid five fans. Minimum.”

Local patrons were asked about Ms. Bradford’s blog and only one had heard of the Astromaid Chronicles.

Ironworker and father of three, Jeremy Solder, provided this statement: “There was some bullshit about facials once, right? Perfect timing too, because the old lady had just asked for a gift card to get one of those bad boys and I said, Hell no, check out this blog! Saved me $90.”

When informed about this reader feedback, Ms. Bradford seemed pleased.

“That’s why I write,” she said. “Some people are able to affect revolutions and history. And others just affect aesthetic treatment choices.”