My last post made mention of an attempt to take my blog a bit more seriously. Now that it’s been pushed through the birth canal and has spent nearly a year piddling around, exercising motor skills and learning to say “Astromaid Chronicles”, it’s time that it takes a new and important step.

That of defining itself.

We all know the thorn patch that is ‘labels’. But sometimes blogs need to define themselves. So people know what the fuck they’re about.

As for me, I have no idea. I took a perfunctory stroll throughout the ample world of Blogging Resources. Amongst all the information about audience reach, followers, growth and more, it prompted me to take a stab at defining my blog.

You know, like, what category does it fit into? What the hell is it doing on the internet?

What Am I Doing Here

Ruling out all of the obvious mismatches, like Fitness, Food, and Babies, I was able to whittle my blog down to two potential categories.

‘Lifestyle’ and ‘Other’.

Though I was tempted to just pick ‘Other’ and be done with it, we all know what sort of unintended repercussions choosing ‘Other’ can have. It might relegate my blog to obscurity (well, it’s already there, so nevermind). It might be paired up with fan blogs about The Big Bang Theory. Who knows.

So I had to google “Lifestyle Blogs”. At first glance I thought, “Yeah! Lifestyle! I talk about life, and working, and dreadlocks sometimes, and my take on life, sorta.”

But then I saw what a real lifestyle blog is like. I checked out some of the most popular lifestyle blogs on Bloglovin. Some examples are The Londoner, The Freckled Fox, and I Wore Yoga Pants to Work. Just to name a few.

Lifestyle Blog Selection provided by

Lifestyle Blog Selection provided by

These are are excellently designed, beautifully made, artfully written blogs.

And none of them look like The Astromaid Chronicles would be a natural companion.

Those are the well-dressed girls at school, the ones who never wear the same shirt twice. My blog? It just showed up in leggings for the 80th day in a row and doesn’t care.

Some of the lifestyle blogs I’ve seen feel like a glorified catalog of daily life. And that’s really cool. I love clicking through photographic proof of Regular Joe’s incredibly organized and well-lit existence. (Editor’s Note: Why are all lifestyle bloggers technically models? Is that a requirement?) It doesn’t necessarily resonate with my lifestyle, but I like looking at their lifestyle. For a minute. Until I can’t stand it anymore.

That said, I suppose ‘lifestyle blogs’ is an umbrella term. A really freaking big umbrella term. Because though I’m not posting step-by-step photos of my wardrobe choice for a trip to Starbucks, nor am I reviewing items or talking about amazing parties in Venice, the content on my blog definitely qualifies as within the realm of a lifestyle.

Namely, mine.

Trust me, you’ll never see a post of me reviewing name brand hats (my dreads wouldn’t fit in them, anyway), or showcasing the latest changes to my living room (I live out of my backpack, so I sometimes don’t even have a living room). Nor will you see professional photos of my snacks, because, damn, I’m hungry, who’s got time to take a picture of it?

So, in conclusion, fuck it. I don’t know. I guess this is a lifestyle blog. Because I’m writing about what I want, which sometimes has to do with lifestyles in general, and that, at least, is a bit more specific than ‘Other’.

If anyone has a better idea, please let me know.