The Astromaid Chronicles

Slow Travel, Creative Living, and Speculation

The Astromaid Lives…

Welcome to the Astromaid Chronicles, a slack-jawed, hurly-twirly, fritter fratter tip-toe exposition of all things Feminine, 20-Something, Traveler and Real.

The Astromaid is a fictitious character comprised of half-astronaut and half-mermaid, which serves as a not-so-delicate metaphor for the author’s two great aspirations in life: to be an astronaut (the explorer of the skies above) and a mermaid (the explorer of the worlds below).

This is my take on life. The delicate, weird, ugly, raw, amusing and sometimes-sparkling balance of the various worlds in which I live. The world of an independent woman, of a twenty-something, of a lover, of a writer, of a traveler, of a seeker.

These are the Astromaid Chronicles.


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  1. I would like to add your blog to my news feeds, so I don’t miss new entries, but can’t find the feed button 🙁

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