While things are blossoming with newness and regenerating from zero during spring, I thought it might be fitting to bring us back to basics. You know, strip things down to their most fundamental core.

So…Behold: Buzzfeed-Inspired Mad Libs! Now you too can have your very own generic article commenting on some fleeting aspect of human society or pop culture!

Fill in the blanks as you see fit at your next group meeting, friend party, bar gathering, and more.

13 Things You Should (Expect)/(Know)/(Forget) When [Verb] With [Noun or Adjective]:

1. Don’t expect any [noun] from [proper noun or celebrity].

2. Don’t forget that being [adjective] doesn’t [verb].

3. DO know that a [noun] will [verb] them for [quantity of time].

4. Make sure your [noun] is properly restrained before [verb].

5.  And because of this, you [verb] what you [verb]!

6. Don’t forget that being [verb] often produces [noun]. This can be a sticky situation!

7. You never [verb] for [livestock example]. This would be [adjective], and exemplary of too much [emotion].

8.  But remember, [-ing verb] always produce the best [culinary dish]. So [verb] away!

9. Don’t ever [verb] when you should [verb] instead.

10. But do [verb] when the [plural noun] are in [country].

11. When someone [verb]’s you, just remember to [verb] and [verb]. That’s the only way.

12. But if they [verb]? Feel free to express your [adjective] side. You matter too, [proper noun]!

13. Most of all, expect to have a [length of time] [noun] with them. After all, that’s what we’re all after.

Don’t forget to share your results! And if it comes out really nicely, hell….try submitting it to Buzz Feed!